Gutboy: A Badtime Story

After Goot the Fisherman is tricked out of his skin he meets a mermaid who has her own score to settle. Hijinx ensue. Deadly Hijinx.

Writer and Director
Nick Grant

Executive Producer
Gabriel Grant

Editor and Cinematographer
Sean Hardaway

Puppet Designer & Lead Puppeteer
Daniel Fay

Cormac Bluestone

Production Designer
Simo Peretti

Puppet Designer
Heather Rose Piper

Assistant Marionette Designer
Rachel Schapira

Charles del Risco
Justin Perkins

Key Assistant Puppeteers
Rachel Schapira
Sophie Ginette Bossart

Assistant Puppeteers
Evie Morrell Samuels
Heather Rose Piper
Leila Ghaznavi
Jenny Hann
Charlie Kanev
Emmanuel Elpenord

Associate Producers
Sean McCoy
Joe Orlowski

Nick Castruonova

Second Camera
Nate Lasher Smith

Prop Mistress
Kim Macron

Practical Effects
Alex Macron

Cody Masback

Michelle Marchessault
Bob Musseman III

Costume Designers
Lori Gassie
Kelsey LaSeur

Mr. Kug's Wardrobe Provided By
Miranda Musseman

Evie Morrell Samuels

Body Paint Artist
Tash Kouri

Fight Choreographers
Cactus Jack
Jesse Penber

Set Photographer
George Karabinis

Audio Recordist
Keaton Bly

Audio Technician & Playback
Steve Purpuri

Production Assistants
Dylan Smith
Grant Yoshitsu

Art Assistant
Veronica Molly Lehmann

Charly Bivona
Coco Conroy
Will Cooper
Dan Fenaughty
Misty Foster
Caitlin Graham
Sean Hardaway
Anthony Herrera
David Homyk
Paul Molnar
Nick Reed
Pearl Rhein
Megan Rosen
MaryBeth Schroeder

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